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With 15 years in the fashion business under his belt, Josh Reed was ready to step out on his own.  He noticed the lack of availability of an upscale mens cap that wasn’t sports related or flat brimmed.  Thus, Gents was born.  Once the caps began to take off, he dove further into other men’s products.  Details Style Correspondent, Colin Stark sat down with Josh for an inside look at the brand and to see what was next on the horizon.

Talk to us about the process of designing the hats, coming up with the brand aesthetic and how that affected what the brand is today.

In terms of the cap, first and foremost I concentrated on the fit and structure. I spent almost 2 years making a cap that would mold perfectly to every size head without loose space or gaps to give a very sleek and fitted look for any guy. This is why there are only two sizes. Secondly, the design aesthetic. I developed the stretch fit band outside the US because I wanted to make it my own to perfect the fit AND look good. Royal purple is the color of the Gents brand and I made the taping straps on the underside of the cap to match the purple band, the signature of all Gents caps.

The new products like the t-shirts and raglans stick with this same foundation and aesthetic which is a great fit, sophisticated and minimal design and an affordable price.

How has the men’s market place overall influenced the Gents brand?

From my experience in the business, I learned a lot about men and the way they shop and how they want to look and be perceived. There is a very large group of guys that want to look stylish and dress well, but without too much effort and at a price they can afford. They want to look well dressed and stylish but with an effortless approach.  I didn’t see this group being served in the market. That is who Gents is for.

Any surprises along the way?

A customer, a man in his 30’s, wrote me an email the other day. He said “I’ve never felt comfortable with my looks. I’ve always been insecure and felt unattractive. I got your cap in the mail the other day and put it on and felt confident and good about the way I look for the first time in my life.” That was just about the best moment I’ve had since the 2 years I started developing Gents.

What’s next for the brand?

A lot more variations of caps including new designs and fabrications. As for new product categories, guys can expect beanies, fedoras and newsboy caps on the headwear front. This spring, Gents is introducing gym and travel bags, socks, jewelry and much more. Look out for some very cool designer collaborations as well.

Check out GENTS here.