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Posted by Emily
One of the coolest brands on the scene right now is Sandro.  Known for their sleek, simple and sophisticated clothing – this Paris-born brand is helmed by a mother and son design duo.  I caught up with the son, Ilan Chétrite who oversees the menswear side of the brand.

What has inspired your current collection?

Every season we try to catch the trend and express our vision of what would be the coolest men’s wardrobe. Inspiration comes naturally when you do not look for it. Regarding the SS13 collection, we used some strong American symbols such as baseballs and skateboards.


How has the men’s market place overall influenced the Sandro brand?

When we launched SANDRO menswear there was almost nobody in the men’s middle high range market. Today a lot of men’s brands have found a way to express their idea of a men’s wardrobe. I do think that this competition helps all of us of becoming sharper, educating the consumers and at the same time being aware of what he wants.

What is your favorite piece from the current collection?

It’s funny … Actually this is not a garment but I am very proud of the skateboard we designed. It reminds me of a spaceship in a 70’s playground in LA!

What male celebrity would you say is the style icon of our time?

It’s very hard to answer that question since the new icon is the unknown person that simply walks in the street with his personal style. The kind of person you can see on street styles blogs.

Check out SANDRO here.

- Colin Stark